Lesson 7 Thing 12

Library Thing is definitely a very cool tool but as one previous comment said, potentially quite time consuming. It’s hard to find time to learn the basics of these tools let alone really take advantage of the different things they offer.

Here’s what I have so far:


It felt so significant committing publicly to five books that at first I was stumped and couldn’t think of a single book I liked. (OK, exaggerating a little, but I did have a slight sense of reader’s block.) So only one of these is really an all time favorite that I couldn’t live without –the C.S. Lewis — and the others are books I enjoyed recently or have read at memorable times of my life and they still resonate.


Lesson 7 Thing 11

Here’s the new me from http://uk.avatars.yahoo.com

It was quite fun to play around with as a late night project. Will investigate it for more practical uses later.

Lesson 5 Thing 10

Got a fledgling Facebook page for Joslin Memorial Library. Long term project is to actually update this regularly, share it with patrons, etc. Not quite there yet but I loved getting to use the dog photo again.

Lesson 5 Thing 9

Facebook–well, I’ve been known to get pretty opinionated (in a negative way) about the intrusiveness of Facebook and how it feels spooky to have it find “friends” for you. I’m going to try to relax about it and try again to make a page for my library. I do think it can be a cool way to stay in touch and certainly millions of other people aren’t bugged by it like I am, so professionally it makes sense to explore it more.

Thing 4 Lesson 7

I signed up for Google Reader–piece of cake and very nice way to keep things organized. I’ve subscribed to only 4 because honestly I already haven’t kept up with these since I signed up a few days ago. I do think I might be more likely do follow things in a dedicated space rather than getting things in with my other email, as I have in the past. In email I usually seem to get caught up in something I have to respond to, end up saving articles I mean to read for later and then run out of time and eventually delete unread things from my enormous inbox.

My picks are “Books on the Nightstand” and “The Picnic Basket,” both of which I read about on another 23 Things blog. Also “Educating Alice” which I first looked at because of I like the name and then found it to be very interesting with a lot of different kinds of info. The 4th is Lisa Belkin’s “Motherlode” because I love her and don’t get around to reading her articles often enough and I thought this might help with that. Admittedly not specifically library-related…

Lesson 3 Thing 6: Movie poster

Movie poster

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OK, so I really wanted to play with pictures of my dog, so here he is starring in his very own movie. I can see how a person could spend a lot of time goofing around with these Flickr “toys.” I read on someone’s blog how kids would really enjoy doing the trading cards–absolutely!

What’s funny about learning even a bit more about these things is that I think about the times I’ve received clever invitations or collages from celebrations or trips and I thought the sender was some sort of creative techno-whiz. Whoever created these tools and made them so easy to use–yes, definitely genius material. But many of those users were just regular people experimenting and admittedly paying a bit more attention to technology than I was.

DCF display

DCF display

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This is the DCF display in the kids’ room. We actually have several more DCF books but they’re usually checked out.

Hate to say it, but I’m not finding using Flickr to be too intuitive…

A general post about technology

Last night we were listening to the radio on the computer. While I was out of room my son switched the station from classic rock to rap and turned the volume WAY up. My husband found me fussing with the computer, completely flustered as I tried to quickly turn it off while repeating “Make it stop! Make it stop!” over and over. His response: “Yelling “make it stop” is not an MLS-approved command.”

This is why I need 23 Things…

Lesson 2: Thing 4

I was trying to think of what to write about technology. All I can really think of is to write about my mixed feelings about it. Obviously I’m not too enthusiastic about trying to embrace the next-newest thing or I wouldn’t need 23 Things. But I am curious and often amazed at what’s possible and what I could have been using had I known about it. Also, though, with almost anything technological I try, I get frustrated quickly and sometimes find myself wondering if the benefits are worth the trouble. A lot of that is because I remain at learning level so am not able to enjoy fluid, easy usage. It’s getting better, though, and I think 23 Things will help a lot.

Week 2-Blogs in Plain English

I was distracted by the voice reminding me of “Kenneth the Page” from 30 Rock…

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